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The PHYSIQ is a non-invasive body contouring and muscle building and fat melting device in a class all its own-offering non-invasive butt lifts, six-pack abs, stronger calves, arms and a more toned back, the PHYSIQ even eliminates love handles, and stubborn "bra fat" too!

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PHYSIQ is a new body treatment that uses four applicators to target stubborn areas where exercise and diet may not be enough. Treatments are fast and comfortable, and results are optimized without any downtime.

Glutes / Hamstrings
Quads / Calves
Biceps / Triceps

5 Treatments (Individual Results Vary)

Using PHYSIQ, the experienced Eagle Body Sculpting team can help you achieve the sleek, contoured body you've been dreaming of, all without surgery, needles, or any invasive techniques.

Individual results may vary

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Just look at these impressive results!!!

Additionally, athletes or those recovering from an injury may seek PHYSIQ treatments to strengthen weakened muscle groups, seniors that have lost muscle mass. Providing they have no metal implants or other contraindications. It may be helpful to postnatal women, suffering from diastasis recti (abdominal separation that occurs during pregnancy) also; PHYSIQ may also be used to reduce the appearance of the post-baby "pooch."

What Areas Does PHYSIQ Treat?

PHYSIQ can tone and tighten your abdomen, buttocks, legs, arms, hips, flanks, and back. It is a non-invasive body contouring and muscle building device in a class all its own! Eagle Body Sculpting is offering non-invasive butt lifts, six-pack abs, and stronger and more toned back and arms. It also eliminates love handles, stubborn "bra fat", and so much more!

After receiving PHYSIQ treatments, your jeans and your shirts fit looser, you will feel better and your booty will turn heads. You may even want to treat yourself to a shopping spree!

Glutes / Hamstrings
Quads / Calves
Biceps / Triceps

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Is PHYSIQ body contouring FDA approved?

PHYSIQ is an FDA approved device for both body contouring and muscle toning. This FDA-cleared, revolutionary treatment uses STEP Technology (Sequential Thermal & EP - Electrical Pulse) to reduce fat and tone and build muscle! After just a few weeks of PHYSIQ treatments from Eagle Body Sculpting, clients see significant tightening and toning results in their abdomen, legs, arms, buttocks, hips, back, and flanks.

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What Can I Expect Before, During And After The PHYSIQ Treatment?


There's not much you need to do to prepare for your PHYSIQ treatment! Do not have a heavy meal approximately 2 hours before your treatment, But we do recommend at least 100oz of water, starting 2 days before coming to Eagle Body Sculpting, for your PHYSIQ appointment, you should shave the treatment area(s) as much as possible if necessary. We will discuss any other pre-appointment measures during your initial consultation with a PHYSIQ body sculpting specialist.


During a PHYSIQ session, you will lie on your back or stomach (depending on the treatment area) and your Eagle Body Sculpting specialist will appropriately place the treatment paddles across the treatment area and secure them comfortably before turning on the device. PHYSIQ comes equipped with unique patient control features and cooling technology that ensure optimal comfort during the treatment. Most patients feel warmth at the applicator site(s) but do not report any discomfort. You're free to take a nap, watch Netflix, or listen to music or to a book on audible or read a book during your PHYSIQ treatment!


Each PHYSIQ session lasts about 30 minutes. After the treatment paddles are removed, the area may feel warm for a few hours. Your Eagle Body Sculpting specialist will provide you with detailed post-care instructions and a special PHYSIQ body moisturizer to use twice daily between your treatments. We recommend patients avoid hot temperatures, like saunas, showers, or baths and excessive sun exposure for a day or two after a PHYSIQ treatment as the area may be a little bit sensitive to heat.

How Long Does It Take For PHYSIQ To Work?

After their first PHYSIQ session, our clients feel tangible results, as in a more engaged core or "stronger-feeling" muscles. Visibly stronger and more defined muscles, along with fat loss, tend to appear in the first few weeks after the first series of treatments. The results will continue to improve for several months, as you can see from the IMPRESSIVE results pictured below.

How long is a single PHYSIQ treatment?

A single treatment with all four applicators runs for a maximum of 30 minutes. Smaller areas may take less time.

Four Applicators, Many Possibilities
PHYSIQ comes equipped with four individual applicators capable of targeting different parts of
the body -including the ability to treat multiple parts of the body in one session. Treatments are
customized to different body parts as well as each patient's unique concerns.

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Can I treat more than one area in a single session with PHYSIQ?

PHYSIQ has four applicators which may be used in sets of two on multiple areas in one single session. A maximum of three (3) areas may be treated in one day.

How many treatments will I need with PHYSIQ?

The recommendation is 5 sessions with each session spaced weekly. However, everyone is different, so it is important for you to talk to your provider about those areas you'd like to target and your goals.

Non-Candidates for PHYSIQ Treatment.

Factors that may indicate you are not a PHYSIQ candidate include the presence of metal or electronic implants anywhere in your body (e.g. a pacemaker), those with a hernia or recent surgery near the treatment site, those with a history of muscle or cardiac issues, and pregnant or nursing women. If you've recently experienced sunburn or had a lot of sun exposure, you should wait until your skin tone becomes normal again before getting treated. Your body sculpting specialist at Eagle Body Sculpting will ensure you are a great fit for these treatments in your initial consultation.

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PHYSIQ by Cartessa

With PHYSIQ by Cartessa, you can achieve true weight loss treatment and/or muscle tone + building. This is body contouring system, which does not require an invasive surgical procedure. PHYSIQ by Cartessa may be just the right treatment for you. Designed to target multiple areas, including smaller sections that are difficult to target, PHYSIQ safely and effectively contours the body and reduces unwanted fat without causing you any pain or discomfort. Treatments take about 30 minutes, and then you can begin experiencing the body that YOU want without downtime or risk of plastic surgery.