Exilis Elite RF

Welcome to Eagle Body Sculpting and the EXILIS ELITE. You have selected an FDA approved RF (radio-frequency) procedure that offers non-invasive immediate contouring and skin tightening of the face and body. Eagle Body Sculpting is the first in Eagle, ID to offer this superior technology. The EXILIS ELITE procedure is a non-invasive skin tightening of the face, neck and body. The body contouring helps reduce (melt) fat cells as well as skin tightening on your body. A safe radio frequency wave (monopolar) penetrates deep into the skin to stimulate and strengthen the skin's collagen to reduce (melt) fat and provide a more vibrant, slimming, youthful look. A minimum of 4 - 6 treatments are required to achieve optimal results. At Eagle Body Sculpting we look forward to helping you transform your appearance.

PHYSIQ Body Packages

Exilis Elite RF & Eclipse eVive Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT)